How it works

Discovering the collection

On our website you have the opportunity to view the complete collection of the horses offered in the given auction. You can view photos, videos, discover information about the horse, (the given horse) it’s breeder or sports stable that is auctioning it. If you have more questions about any horse, our team will always be ready to answer them. We can also organize trials for you.


To bid on your chosen horse online, please firstly register on our site. Verification of your account registration After registering on our website, your registration will be confirmed by our auction team. Your registration will be confirmed within 24 hours at the latest. After that, you will receive an email to enable you to set up
a username and password. After registration, you can view the vetcheck and X-rays of each horse.


The auction takes place exclusively online. At you will find the necessary information for each horse, including the current offer and the countdown until the end of the auction. Only registered, confirmed and logged-in bidders can bid. Make sure you unblock the auction button, then you can bid with one click. After placing a bid, you will see if it has been accepted and if you are the highest bidder. After each bid confirmation, you will receive a confirmation email with information as to whether you are the new highest bidder. The starting price is indicated for each lot, the amount of the bids is as follows:


If you bid the highest price at the end of the auction, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your new purchase. You will also receive information on what the next steps will be. A 10% auction fee will be added to the auction price. Our auction team will contact you to create an invoice which will be sent to you
and must be paid within seven days. If you have any questions or doubts, you can always contact us via email


Once the invoice is paid, we will help you organize the transport of your horse. You can use the services of our partners, with whom we will connect you, or you can arrange to pick up your new purchase yourself and we will help you organize everything. The auctioned horse must be picked up by the buyer within 3 working days (excluding weekends) after payment of the purchase price. Until then it will be kept and looked after by the owner free of charge.


I’m having technical problems with the auction

Contact technical support of ClipMyHorse.TV Auctions BV by e mail or by phone:
+31(0)10 — 742 18 12.

What if the auction is almost over and I don’t have enough time to confirm the next bid?

The end of the auction is automatically extended for each horse by 5 minutes after the last bid. This means that if I bid at 18:59 on the selected catalog number whose auction ends automatically at 19:00, the end of the auction of this catalog number will be moved by 5 minutes to 19:04, etc. This delay will not affect the end of the auction of the next catalog number scheduled for 19:05.